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    . And also serves as a sales site for the purchase of a variety of its products.
    .What is stated in these regulations in masculine language is for convenience only and the regulations treat both sexes equally –
  •  .Purchase through the Website is subject to the conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions –
  •  The actual purchase of the product on the website will constitute a statement by the customer that he has read the provisions of these regulations, Understood them and agreed to them. The Terms and Conditions constitute a binding contract between you and the Company.

The purchase

  • The site allows customers to make a convenient purchase, Easy and safe variety of company product through the internet.
    * To order products on the website, select the product and fill in the full and correct details when placing the order, such as: Buyer name, E-mail address, shipping address , Phone and credit card details. Care must be taken to provide accurate details. If incorrect details are provided when placing the order, It is not the company's responsibility to ensure that the products reach their destination. In case the items are returned to the company due to incorrect details, Wrong measure, Or any mistake on the part of the customer – The customer will be charged for shipping and handling fees.
    The product can be purchased on the website at any time until stocks run out.
  • Confirmation of the purchase operation is conditional on the product actually being in stock at the time of ordering. If the product is not in stock and has not been downloaded from the site by the time the order is placed, The company will not be obligated to sell the product and in this situation the transaction will be canceled. And the purchaser will not have any claim and / or claim in this matter in respect of any type of damage , direct / indirect / Third party'. All that is said is subject to the site management repaying the customer any amount paid.
    The purchase on the website is by credit card, PAYPAL, Beat, Facebook, Bank transfer, And more.
    • The price of the product on the website includes the VAT”M.
    • The company reserves the right to stop marketing and selling the product at any time and to deny the right to purchase on a sales site at its discretion..

Returns and cancellations

  • “Cancellation of a transaction in accordance with consumer protection regulations (Cancelling a transaction), The nine”A-2010 and the Consumer Protection Law, Listen”A 1981”.
    The transaction can be canceled by contacting the customer by phone or e-mail Of the debtre. The cancellation of the transaction will be valid only after receiving a WhatsApp message or e-mail from the company confirming the request to cancel the transaction.. In case the cancellation is approved - the product must be returned to the company when all the costs involved in returning the product will apply to the customer. The product will be returned in its original packaging with the original invoice and has not yet expired 14 Day from the date of purchase of the product.

    Product return will be possible if the product arrives without any use, Or damages caused by using the product.
    • In case of cancellation of the transaction, The company will refund the customer his money against the return of the product in its entirety.
    • If the transaction is canceled after the customer has already received the product, The customer will bear the cost of shipping the product back to the company.
    The cancellation policy detailed above will only apply in relation to products purchased on the site. The company will not handle the return of products purchased through another source.

    Product refund and refund:
    If you regretted the purchase even though the items you bought arrived properly, You are entitled to a full credit for the amount you paid, except for the shipping fee and the cancellation fee for the transaction.”P. Law (5%) .

    It is possible to cancel the purchase of the products within 14 Days from the date of receipt,
    Only when they are packaged in their original packaging and not used.

    Notice in writing or notice to the system “Gifts of Israel” About the cancellation request with details of the reasons for cancellation within 2 Business days receiving the product, In accordance with the Consumer Protection Law.
    After reviewing the application and approving it is your duty to return the product to the address which will be given to you within 14 a day.
    After returning the products and checking them your account will be credited with the price you paid (Does not include shipping charges if the order applies).

    – If it is necessary to replace products that have been ordered by”The customer in the wrong measure ( Ring size, chain, and so ) And the product needs to be replaced with another size, It is necessary to return the product to us by prior arrangement. After receiving the product, We will replace in the right measure \ New and shipped with courier to home. The shipping costs to us and back will apply to the customer.
    – Products that have been used unreasonably, Damaged during use, Or due to improper use – Will not be replaced.
    – Products that came with a defect \ Not as described on the website: Eligible for replacement at no cost – Including return shipping cost to customer.

    It is the customer's responsibility to measure the finger, Neck, Head or shelf replacements or stand size \ product. Therefore before placing the order and so that you can enjoy the product you are purchasing – Please make a measurement or similar product that you have. Please note the product dimensions before ordering.
    * In items with dimensions ( Rings, Necklaces, Art objects, Gifts or any product on the site ) The responsibility for choosing the size / Product size applies to the order sale. The order will be sent with the dimensions indicated on the order page. We specify dimensions for all products on the site. If you are not sure how much you need, You can use our customer service in WhatsApp / phone. There are guides in YOUTUBE for measuring finger / neck and more.

    If a size has been ordered \ Inappropriate size, site “Gifts of Israel” Will not be held responsible, And will not bear the costs of returning and shipping the correct measure. Shipping costs apply to the customer only.

Delivery and transportation of the product

  • The company will take care of sending the product to the customer to the address he typed when making the purchase on a sales website, Badr”As while 1-5 Business days.
    The company will not be responsible for any delay and / or delay in delivery and / or non-delivery, Caused as a result of force majeure and / or events beyond its control.
    • Delivery of the product will be made to the address provided by”The customer at the time of purchase, And the customer can not pick up the product from the company offices / or that the customer may pick up the product independently in coordination with customer service.
    supply times

    Delivery time depends on the loads of our sites and the shipping companies. We work with leading artists and sometimes an unexpected finish or shortcomings are needed. If the order is urgent, We recommend contacting WhatsApp 0543054996, And we will check the shipping options.
    Delivery time consists of 2 factors: Treatment time ( Product preparation, packing, Finishes ) + delivery time ( The time from the moment the product is sent until it is received by the customer). We usually send jewelry orders very quickly and if possible on the same day! And the products are sometimes received the day after the order! It depends on the availability of the product, Residence, Loads and more.

    Product packaging

  • The packaging photos on the site are for illustration only. Sometimes there is a shortage of a particular box, And we refresh the box line once every few years.

Customer Service

  • Any question or inquiry about the product, You can contact the company's service representatives by email: [email protected] Or via the instant messaging app WHAT’SAPP at 0543054996.

Warranty and service

  • The warranty for the product covers material defects in the body of the product and / or its operation which were caused by the company.
    • The warranty is valid only for a customer who holds proof of original purchase and only if the purchase was made through the store, the Israelgifts.co.il sales website. The company reserves the right to require the customer to prove that he is the original purchaser of the product.
    • The exclusive remedy for any defective product covered under the warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product. The total liability of the company in relation to any defective product will in no case exceed the purchase price of the defective product.
  • The company does everything in its power to ensure that the information on the site is accurate and complete, But will be clarified, That may appear in it, Good faith, Inaccuracies or errors and the company will not bear any responsibility arising from them. It should also be emphasized that all the images on the site are for illustration only and there may be differences between the images displayed on the site and the actual products..
  • The company's warranty will not apply in cases where the defect in the product was caused as a result of incorrect operation or improper use of the product.
    • The company will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the misuse or misuse of the product, including any accidental damage., Special, Indirect or consequential - to the extent permitted by law. The customer is responsible and all risk and liability for loss, Damage and damage to his body and / or his property and / or the property and / or the body of third parties, Resulting from the use and / or non-use of the product, Except in cases where it is determined that the said damage was caused due to the sole negligence of the company
    * Replacements: If there is a need to replace a product that has reached the customer properly and without errors, The customer will bear the shipping costs to us, And the cost of returning the replacement product.

Information security and privacy

  • This personal information will not be disclosed and will not be used further for marketing purposes without permission.
    • The company takes acceptable precautions to maintain, As possible, On the confidentiality of information. In cases that are not under the control of the company and / or due to force majeure, The company will not be liable for any damage of any kind, Straight or indirect, To be caused to the customer, If this information is lost and / or used unauthorized.
    • The company undertakes not to make use of the information provided to it by”Buyers except to enable the purchase on a sales site and in accordance with any law.
    • Button “Send” There is an agreement for Aharoni-Jewelry or anyone on its behalf to use this personal information in order to provide you with information about the products and additional information via email or other, On services and resources related to the Company's products. In addition, This personal information may be used for market research purposes. If you wish to remove your personal details from the company's mailing list at any time, send an email to: [email protected] at the touch of a button “Send” I sign the form and its terms.

Intellectual Property

  • All intellectual property rights in this sales site are the exclusive property of the company Aharoni-Import and Marketing.
  • Do not copy, duplicate, to spread, Advertise or use in any other way any information from the site and / or this sales site, Unless prior written consent has been given by the Company.

Law and Jurisdiction

  • The interpretation and enforcement of these Terms and / or any action or dispute arising therefrom shall be made in accordance with Israeli law only and the court
  • Certified in one of the Tel Aviv-Yafo districts, Haifa, Jerusalem or b”That will be devoted to the exclusive jurisdiction.

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