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Our company uses only secure servers and advanced technology to encrypt sensitive information during and after sending it on the Internet and is not accessible to any external party..

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Our company has been active for a year 2005 In the development and production of jewelry and gifts. Most of the products on the site were designed and manufactured by us.

Free home delivery courier!

A variety of products on the site are eligible for free delivery with a courier to your home!! Fast order processing.

HD video for each product

We put a lot of effort into HD quality video photography of every product and product that is sold on the site.

אילנית אלון
Ilanit Alon
15:13 21 Dec 20
Highly and wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful place😇 Endless patience... And wonderful service and full of attention and uncompromising professionalism! I ordered a 14k gold heart pendant with engraving and could not believe how perfect it was until it came to me with fast and professional delivery wrapped in perfect packaging!🥰 Huge thanks for a professional and perfect job!❤read more
18:16 30 Nov 20
I bought a necklace from the site. I had a glitch on the phone and the courier was unable to reach... Me and the package back in the mail. The seller did not rest and was with his hand on the pulse until the package reached me . Excellent service Highly recommendread more
סמדר שמש
Smadar Sun.
15:06 24 Nov 20
I ordered for my daughter a birthday gift necklace with a name in English made of silver. Arrived while 4... Days. And came out just perfect! And the service is fast and professional. Personal thanks to Shahar for a quick response on WhatsApp and email. Definitely recommend!!!read more
קרן רפאל
The Raphael Foundation
15:02 19 Aug 20
Excellent service The product I bought is just amazing Arrived very quickly Strongly recommends
שירה חי
Live poetry
07:42 06 Aug 20
I bought a necklace + Pendant with image engraving on the pendant. I want to commend you for... Amazing service with huge patience. It does not understand which at all and I thank you.read more
צביקה צור
Zvika Tzur
12:03 17 Jun 20
I ordered through the website excellent service and fast prices really reasonable and amazing jewelry... highly recommendread more
Limor Ashery
Limor Ashery
10:14 03 Apr 20
I ordered a plate for Passover a few days before the holiday and it was not clear if it would be enough to arrive... By courier. In order not to create a situation where the plate would not be able to arrive on time, I received it the next day until the door opened and no shipping cost. Better service than that can not be requested!!!read more
lynda froehlich
lynda froehlich
08:47 27 Feb 20
There is nothing to say this company does not have you!! You have amazing things ! and also... Quality!! The sea works with you in every way and helps you in every way!! I will only buy from you later!! The service is a waste of time. The landlord and his staff are with you until you get what you ordered . I recommend every man and woman who wants a silver water jewel just here. I later only buy water here . Linda Haddadread more
Ira Osadchaya
Ira Osadchaya
10:18 25 Feb 20
I ordered a pendant with a picture engraving on it, From the first moment they were a writer with me... Courteous, Send photos and how it came out and without confirmation ,Mine did not move and all this while efficiency and agility,I received while 3 Days with a courier home.read more
אושרת דנינו
Danino is happy
18:27 12 Feb 20
I bought a silver necklace and pendant from you and I really enjoyed the selection,Attitude and service... The kind. Thank you very much for sure I will help you again.read more
Adi Ivan
Adi Ivan
09:09 05 Dec 19
I contacted the website to buy a bracelet and from the moment I applied, I received a close service that included advice... And referring to what I needed in a pleasant and detailed way. I was very pressed for time and Dawn did everything to get it ready in time!! While paying attention to the details I wanted. Within two days it reached me. Stunning! There is no doubt that when I want to buy I will return to it again!!! Highly recommend!read more
יוסי ויצמן
Yossi Weizmann
13:33 24 Nov 19
I ordered a silver pendant over the internet after a call I had with the manager I received... Courteous and reliable service after placing the order again the manager spoke to me and told me there was a mistake and I was charged a shipping fee by mistake and asked me with I am interested in getting a credit card or he will send me a gift,Of course I chose the gift and received a beautiful bracelet in addition to the pendant I ordered,Thank youread more
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If a picture is worth a thousand words, How much is a video worth?
You have previously ordered from sites and not received the right product? Wrong color? Product too small or too large? Or just the product does not look like in the picture.
sites&Various companies enhance and clean the product images. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand the size of the product, His color, Its quality is only from a flat static image.
We put a lot of effort into HD quality video photography of every product and product that is sold on the site. This way the product can be examined from any angle And understand exactly what you are going to get. Without Photoshop, Or product quality improvements.

Video explaining how to place an order on our website

Our site is secured with the latest means of maintaining the privacy of the surfers. “Gifts of Israel” Proud to offer its customers a shopping experience Completely secure.
Our company uses only secure servers and advanced technology to encrypt sensitive information during and after sending it on the Internet and is not accessible to any external party..
Your credit card and personal information are secure on the IsraelGifts website.
We honor all credit cards(Except for diners)
Not interested in paying on credit?
You can also pay via PAYPAL, Secure bank transfer at the bank, Or through dedicated banking transfer apps(BIT, Pepper , And more).
You do not need a PayPal account to pay on credit! PayPal clears most credit cards.

Our company has been active for a year 2005 in development, Design, And marketing Judaica jewelry and gifts.
The nature of the company was and remains wholesale & productive.
Due to changes in consumption habits, And beyond online purchasing, We decided to set up this site in order to make our range of products accessible to the general public and not just to the wholesale and professional audience.. In prices The cheapest in Israel!
Our designers are engaged all day long in developing and designing new products. This way we can offer as wide a product mix as possible, At equal prices per person.